Love Luxe Life: Broadway by Amar Santana

Upon entry into Broadway Restaurant in downtown Laguna Beach, a cocktail was waiting for me on the counter. It was too colorful to miss. “Leave it to be” was the name of this...


Review: Stars Shine on Broadway

by Brad A. Johnson | Orange County Register

It’s dark and foggy the first time I visit Broadway in downtown Laguna Beach. The restaurant’s vertical neon sign cuts through murky...


On Broadway

by Jamie Gwen | Riviera Orange County

Just a few blocks up from the sand in Laguna, in the space that once housed the famed Five Feet, the beach meets NYC at a restaurant named...


Start Spreading the News

Charlie Palmer lost a good chef in Amar Santana, but to know the guy’s upward career path is to have anticipated his inevitable departure. Santana began cooking at 16 in New...


A Standing Ovation

By Dennis Myers, Writing Chef™

I don’t do restaurant reviews, so I have no rating system like five stars or 10 spoons. But, after dinner at Broadway by Amar Santana, I felt...